Justice in the Church
Catholic Tipping Point - Fr. Tony Flannery on Conscience and Reform in the Catholic Church (October 21 - November 19, 2014 Tour)

Meet Fr. Tony Flannery, Founder of the Association of Catholic Priests as he comes to the United States for an eighteen-city tour.

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Father Tony Flannery, an Irish priest censured by the Vatican will tour the U.S. speaking on the importance of conscience in the Catholic Church. The tour, sponsored by 12 progressive Catholic organizations, will cover 18 U. S. cities between October 22 and November 14, 2014.

Father Flannery has been a member of the Redemptorist Congregation for over 50 years, and is a founder of the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) in Ireland. He is the author of several books including A Question of Conscience, Keeping the Faith, and The Death of Religious Life?

In February 2012 Flannery was summoned to Rome because the Vatican was unhappy with his writing on the origins of the Church, and when he suggested that the priesthood as we have it now was not as Christ intended. After being ordered to silence and suspended from priestly ministry, Fr. Flannery spent a year trying to reach agreement with Vatican officials. The final break came when he refused to sign a document stating that he accepted that women would never be priests, and that he accepted all the moral teachings of the Church.”   Refusing the imposed silence, he began speaking publicly on the need for reform in the Church. 

See the tour schedule below and learn more at CatholicTippingPoint.org.