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CORPUS is a faith community affirming an inclusive priesthood rooted in a  reformed and renewed Church.

CORPUS, celebrating forty years of service to the people of God, is one of the oldest reform groups in the Catholic Church, and is active in reform movements both in the U.S. and abroad. We are committed to working for a renewed priesthood of married and single men and women dedicated to serving God through the Community of Believers

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 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gift and Response
Discipleship is never earned, only given. And all that is asked of the one called is a response, however and whenever the call comes.  The parable of the vineyard is the Lord's call to all those who have received Him in word and sacrament to share generously with all men and women what they themselves have received. 
by Joe Cece

 Alzheimer's--There is a bridge
The last column I wrote, “Alzheimer’s Long Goodbye” elicited the most responses to any of my columns ever. I received over forty e-mails.  Many who were struggling with their own long goodbyes wrote that it made them cry.  Some forwarded it to those they knew were caregivers dealing with their personal long goodbyes.

by Dan O'Rourke

 Alzheimer’s -- The Long Goodbye

Recently, my wife Marie because of advancing Alzheimer’s was moved from the memory unit of an enriched housing facility to a county facility with complete nursing care. She has made the adjustment well, but I have not.

by Dan O'Rourke

 Creating your own "Tube"

Did you ever meet someone who never seems to have an unkind word for anyone? The are rare birds aren't they? Most of us are lucky if we come across more than one or two in a lifetime.

One of my lucky "finds" was a man named Leon. He's gone now but the guy left a legacy of kindness that will linger with me till my dying day. Leon's approach to people was to interact with them as though they were having a bad day, a really bad day. Know what I mean? Leon would give them some space or, if appropriate, be ready to listen to their troubles.

by Hank Mattimore

 Recommended Resources and Web Links
 3 minute retreat
Take a short prayer break right at your computer. Spend some quiet time reflecting on a Scripture passage. Knowing that not everyone prays at the same pace, you have control over the pace of the retreat

 Boston College; Church in 21st Century
The Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College seeks to be a catalyst and resource for the renewal of the Catholic Church in the United States by engaging critical issues facing the Catholic community.  Many programs can be found online for your spiritual and theological development.

 Busted Halo
BustedHalo.com is a web e-zine that speaks candidly and occasionally irreverently on issues facing people in their 20's and 30's that intersect with spirituality. Open to dialogue and hearing the stories of young people, BustedHalo never preaches condescendingly, rather seeks to understand and to express the wisdom of Catholic and other religious traditions in away that makes sense to the experience of those "spiritually seeking."

 Petition Pope Francis for Vatican Reform
Please join us in our plea to Pope Francis urging him to invite all Catholics globally to elect their bishops.

 Spirituality and Practice
After more than 50 years of life in a monastery, Sister Joan Chittister asked herself some questions. What — if anything — of monastic life is worth passing on to others in our time? What does monasticism offer seekers who are already overwhelmed by all the spiritual and secular options available to them? And how can those outside traditional monasteries embrace this life that is both enriching and enlightening?

 Alerts & Special Announcements
 Brendan McDaid RIP
Brendan MCDAID(1941 - 2014)

March 24, 1941 to

August 31, 2014.

Brendan Gabriel McDaid was born to Edward McDaid and Rose Hunter of Letterkenny County, Donegal, Ireland, on March 24, 1941. He was the youngest of seven children. He attended St. Eunan's College in Letterkenny and seminary in Rome, Italy prior to moving to the United States. Brendan came to the States to serve in ministry for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas. during that period he was Secretary to the Bishop, Thomas Drury. Brendan left active ministry in 1971 and moved to Austin, Texas. There he studied medicine and became a registered nurse. He had the good fortune to meet his wife, Susan Bennett McDaid in Austin. They married in 1976. The McDaid family soon moved to Konsvinger, Norway, where Brendan passed the exam to be a registered nurse in the Norwegian language after a four month study of that language. The family moved back to Austin in 1980 and Brendan found employment with the city of Austin as a pediatric nurse. He reached the status of nurse practitioner during his years with the city. Susan passed away in 1995 in a car accident and Brendan raised two daughters, Guin McDaid and Daphne McDaid and one grandson, Rowan McDaid.

Brendan was a linguist, who mastered numerous languages because his hobby was the study of modern languages. He was proficient in Gaelic, Russian, Norwegian, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German, and French. While in Austin, for the purpose of earning a few extra dollars, he found part time work with a law firm in the city, for whom he translated documents from Russian to English and vice-versa.

Brendan McDaid was a political activist all of his life. He espoused any and all liberal causes for the benefit of his fellow man. He was known to march and to demonstrate for any and all causes in Austin and in other parts of our country. He was a champion of the civil and human rights of all people everywhere. He spoke openly and freely always regarding his feelings about any form of injustice he saw. He had no patience with people whom he thought were detrimental to the progress of the human race. Brendan sought to get all friends and acquaintances involved with him in his pursuit of human betterment. He was a soft-spoken but firm individual, intolerant of anyone who was narrow-minded and self-centered. He was well-read and always spoke from an informed opinion on a huge volume of interesting and relevant subjects. He was a true gentleman, who drank a Guinness or two on occasion and enjoyed all types of food regularly. Brendan was a man who never turned his back on a challenge. He supported the causes and needs of all whom he knew. It was Brendan who sought after the answers when it seemed that no one could come up with a workable solution to an existing situation. Brendan was regarded by many friends as the most intelligent man they ever met in their entire life.

Brendan is survived by his daughters and grandson, two brothers, Kevin and Pascal McDaid, and sister, Brida Lang, and numerous members of an extended family who live in the United States and in Ireland.

A memorial/potluck will be held at the Zilker Clubhouse on September 18th at 6:30 p.m.

His body will be donated to the Freeman Ranch, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, where he has given his body to the progress of science. The family requests that memorials be sent to the Burke Center for Youth, P.O. Box 40, Driftwood, Texas 78619. Memorial comments may be emailed to the following address: guinmcdaid@gmail.com.

Plans are underway to hold CORPUS Conference in Chicago, IL, September 25,2015.  Featured keynoters are Anthony T. Padovano and Bishop Patricia Fresen.

 Paul McCartin, RIP

Paul C. McCartin

Paul C. McCartin
of Ashville, NC, formerly of Lowell; 89

ASHVILLE, NC -- Paul C. McCartin, formerly of Lowell, MA, completed his earthly journey on Sunday, May 3, 2014 at the age of 89 years.

Along with his loving wife, B.J., of Ashville, NC, he is remembered by his brothers Dr. Lawrence McCartin of Lowell and Norbert McCartin of Dracut; his sisters-in-law, Frances, Gloria, Jeanne and Mary Ann; and his many nieces and nephews throughout the Greater Lowell area and beyond.

Son of the late Frank P. and Margaret (Walsh) McCartin, Paul attended Immaculate Conception School and Keith Academy. Upon graduation from high school, he went on to serve the Lord for the next 33 years, after being ordained as an Oblate of Mary Immaculate in 1951.

Paul's continued journey with God brought him into the field of substance abuse counseling. Upon completion of his credentials, Paul worked for The Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, run by the State of North Carolina. Paul also had a small, private practice assisting and supporting the Friends of Bill. Paul's skills and knowledge in the areas of addiction and recovery were shared with great hope, honesty and gratitude.

In retirement, Paul spent much of his time sharing his musical talents with nursing home patients in the Ashville area, lifting their spirits through love, laughter and song. Whether you were spending time with him in the church or in the community, one thing was for sure, you always felt better after being with Paul and you always walked away with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Paul was predeceased by seven of his ten brothers: Rev. Francis, James, William, Rev. Joseph, Robert, John and Philip, along with his three sisters, Mary, Anne (Loughran) and Margaret (Teague.)

McCARTIN -- A Memorial Service will be held at St. Michael's Church in Lowell at 10:00 AM on Monday, June 9, 2014.

 We need your help!
CORPUS has always honored our deceased members, and we would like to update our files of those who have died in recent years.  We need your help.  Please send information about deceased priests to Stu O’Brien at stuobrien@corpus.org.  We will appreciate information including the deceased person’s name, birth and death dates, loved ones and addresses, years and place of ministry, death notice, obituary and any other information you might be able to provide. A picture of the deceased will be appreciated.  These records will be placed on our web site Remembering our Brothers and Sisters and also archived with CORPUS documents at Notre Dame University.  Thank you.

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