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Featured Articles

The Feast of Christ the King

Come Blest of My Father
It is fitting that the four weeks of Advent are immediately preceded with the wonderful celebration of Christ's Kingship. God becomes man; man becomes priest, prophet and king. But what exactly is this kingship that Christ manifested? What is it - exactly - that He says we shall inherit? It is certainly not what we would expect - and maybe not even what we would desire.


by Linda and Ralph Pinto
We stand ready to serve. The call to priesthood is from God. Who can turn their back on God's call? When parishes are closed, married priests will serve. When divorced, disenfranchised, or unchurched Catholics wish · a priest to witness their wedding, married priests will serve. When the elderly, hospitalized, or imprisoned are unattended because of the shortage of priests, married priests will serve. When the Church seeks more ways to exclude than to include, married priests will serve...
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Time to say goodbye to "Dudes"

Hank Mattimore 347776

Hank Mattimore

Males of almost any age are referred to as "dudes" these days.

I don't much like the word. It smacks of an unnaturally extended adolescence. What comes to my mind when I hear the term is a shallow parody of a grown up man. The guy who smirks at women, tells dirty jokes, smacks another guy's bare ass with a wet towel in the locker room. He is the boisterous male always striving to be popular with the boys (whatever their age and maturity). He jokes about the teenage boys whose brain is locked on to vaginas and boobs and "has only one thing in mind."

But men, yes and teenage boys are much deeper than the clueless clowns we are sometimes taken for and have come to believe about ourselves. If the truth were known, most of us yearn to be free of the role we are expected to play.

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Let us remember our deceased brothers and sisters


During this month of November, let us remember our brothers and sisters who have gone to their eternal rest during this year and for all the deceased who have champion the CORPUS vision of a renewed and inclusive priesthood. 

We know that we do not have a complete list of all who have died. We could use your help. Through the years many of you have sent obituaries or alerted us to someone who has passed away.   If you know of anyone who has not been included on our CORPUS web site in the Remembrance section, please alert us to them. Still better, if you have any information such as obituary, biographical sketch and/or a picture send it along.

Send to:

Stuart O’Brien
2 Adamian Drive
North Falmouth, MA 02556
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To read all the names of those who died 2016-2017 click below.

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Results of the 2017 Survey of CORPUS Membership

To provide guidelines for the Planning Committee (set up by the Executive Council in July 2016) a survey of the 404 members of CORPUS was sent out – via Constant Contact on May 15 and in CORPUS REPORTS in the July / August issue. By the August 15 deadline, the written and electronic responses were in; the former to Bob Walden, and the latter to Joe Cece. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Bob, the Planning Committee chair, for spearheading and coordinating the survey – a monumental task, willingly assumed knowing he was adding to his many other responsibilities just before he would be stepping down from the E.C. We owe similar gratitude to Joe Cece for designing the electronic survey and for compiling all the responses to Part I of the survey (demographic data, ministerial activity, vision and goals, etc.) and to Part II (“Discernment” for the future of CORPUS).
What follows are the data compiled by them. They represent the partial but valid “sensus fidelium” of CORPUS, and will be used by the Planning Committee in developing the three-year plan for our future. May the responses of others prompt you to think further on these matters and share any additional thoughts with us.

 Click here to download/open the Membership Survey (Part I)

Click here to download/open the Discernment Results (Part II)

Thank you for your ongoing involvement and commitment to our mission.
The Executive Committee




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