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CORPUS applauds the Synod's recommendation to Pope Francis


October 26, 2019
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Contact: Linda Pinto (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 570.296.5326)

CORPUS, the National Association for an Inclusive Priesthood, applauds the recommendation to Pope Francis to consider restoring a married priesthood in the Catholic Church. This expanded and enriched sense of priesthood was the basis for CORPUS’ foundation back in 1974. Since then, over 35,000 priests in the United States have been dismissed from public ministry because of responding to their God-given call to marriage.

It has always been our position that a married priesthood is “good, right and holy” because:

·Marriage embodies and celebrates the gifts of sexuality and the sacramental intensity of intimacy.
·Marriage demands that we listen, not with the ear, but with the heart. It demands going beyond the
rhetoric of reason and discovering the true meaning of relationship.
·Marriage insists that we love ourselves as much as we cherish the other.
·Marriage moves beyond an inner circle forming a connection and community of family and friends.
·Marriage requires a sense of compromise, as well as consensus.
·Marriage develops a sensitivity to the needs of others, without judgement or prejudice.
·Marriage respects inclusivity, where all are valued.

These qualities would be valuable in a priesthood, not only for developing healthy communities of faith, but especially when dealing with critical life issues such as family planning, divorce, homosexuality, women’s equality, and church governance.

In the years following Jesus’ death and resurrection our gospels record that the early Christian communities were families who gathered to “remember, celebrate and believe”. There was no measure of marital status or gender.

A married priesthood would bring an incredible gift to our church. This matters not if priests are male or female, married or single, gay or straight. Priests are called by God to be servant leaders. It is good for our church. It’s time to do this not out of desperation but out of a sense of gospel inspiration.

Discovering the God Within

Discovering the God Within

Hank Mattimore 347776

Hank Mattimore

"Who is this God who you claim loves you? What makes you think that this
almighty, all powerful Creator knows your name? What kind of religious nut are you to swallow this stuff about a personal God who not only cares about us and listens to our prayers but LOVES us?"

No, those are not the words of an acquaintance of mine. That's \what our modern culture is saying to me but In more politically correct words. Cut to the chase, they are really saying "You don't still believe in all that crap do you?"

I plead guilty. I am that kind of nut or rather, I aspire to be. I want to look at God through the eyes of faith and see Him as much more than just a "higher power." or the " man upstairs" or some benign figure "up there" who I call on when I am in trouble or need help in passing an exam or getting a job.

The God I want in my life is the same one that inspired heroes like Martin Luther King or Gandhi or Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa to bring light to our world, the God who lives in every husband who stands by his dying wife and every young man or woman who is willing to die for his country. It is this kind of living God that I want to believe in and carry in my heart.

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