L'Osservatore Romano (October 11, 1962)
These are taken from the pages of L'Osservatore Romano at the opening of the Second Vatican Council

Shaping the Face of the Priesthood--Anthony Padavano
Memorable speech at the 1988  first CORPUS National  Conference in Washington DC

Have Wife, Can Minister
This article was published in the National Catholic Reporter, April 4, 1975. It was the first public announcement that ordained priests who married wish to remain active in church ministry.

Fifty Facts and Insights About Priests Who Marry
Published in 1980, this fact sheet served as a snapshot of why a married priesthood would benefit the church.

Pastoral Ministry and the Non-Clerical Priesthood: A Theological and Cnonical Reflection - Anthony Padovano
Published in 1989, this Research Paper outlined the theological and canonical justification for married priests to actively serve in the Catholic church.

Top Ten Reasons for a Married Priesthood
Written in 1995, this document outlines the current need to recognize a married priesthood in the Catholic Church.

A Married Priest Reflects on His Vocation - Carl Hemmer, June 24, 2012
Why I chose to become a Catholic priest, why my future services were rejected by the church, and the fifty years of ministry since my ordination

Married Priests' Stories
Individual stories about those who were called to a married priesthood.

A Need to Reform Christianity? A New Language for God - Bishop John Spong, September/October 2013
This article contains the text of the two presentations given by Retired Bishop John Spong at our most recent CORPUS Conference, June 2013.

The World And Church We Live Now - Anthony Padovano, November/December 2015
We cannot get a sense of this contemporary moment in history unless we understand why religion and belonging are changing so radically. There are benefits and liabilities. If we put all this in place, we can conjecture where the future will lead us.

To Serve the People of God - Renewing the Conversation on Priesthood and Ministry, 27 Dec 2018
Boston College Seminar on Priesthood and Ministry in the Contemporary Churc

Can the Catholic Church Free itself from Clericalism  A video presentation in 2021 by the Catholic Organizations for Renewal.

A paper by the Association of US Catholic Priests on "Clericalism"
A presentation given at their National Assembly 2019

Married and Celibate Ministry
Reflection of married and celibate priesthood by Anthony Padovano and CORPUS members 2020

Overview of Historical Background on Holy Orders
- by Bridget Mary MeehanAdapted from Deconstructing Sacramental Theology, Reconstructing Catholic Ritual by Joseph Martos, Doors to the Sacred by Joseph Martos and What Jesus Meant by Garry Wills

Ecumenical Catholic Communion
A list of Ecumenical Catholic Communion parishes and pastors.

Federation of Christian Ministries

A list of ecumenical married priests and ministers, both male and female, and couples in ministry, who are available to serve you.

Find Local Married Priests
Online directory from C.I.T.I. with information about married priests in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany and more.

Wedding Ministry
A wedding ministry in Rhode Island and Southern New England; baptisms and civil unions as well - Cheryl & Charlie Cavalconte

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Transitioning from the priesthood
This site is a great resource for those transitioning or contemplating transitioning from the priesthood.